The Cost to Your Home of Not Installing Gutters

You probably know that rain gutters are a good idea, but do you know what happens to a Long Island, NY home without a gutter system? You’re not just courting water damage. You might also be inviting critters into your home, ruining your home and destroying its structural integrity. For most people, our homes are the biggest investment we make. Don’t take a chance on ruining it by not having rain gutters. Here’s what could happen if you don’t install quality rain gutters:

  • Foundation damage: Rain gutters are designed to keep water away from the foundation, which gives your home a steady, level surface. Water damage can shift the foundation or cause it to crack. This causes major, expensive damage—you could find yourself spending tens of thousands of dollars to fix the problem. Your homeowners’ insurance provider probably won’t look too kindly on failing to install gutters, either.
  • Exterior damage: If water isn’t diverted away from your home, it can run down the walls and soak into the exterior. This results in chipped or peeling paint, warped doors and structural damage. On top of that, the dampness encourages mold, mildew and rot to take hold. These are not only expensive problems to fix—they could pose serious health risks to you and your family.
  • Flooded basement: Millions of homeowners suffer from flooded basements each year. This is only exacerbated by foundation problems like cracks, improper grading, shifting and more. Flooded basements are messy and expensive to clean. Plus, you might lose any possessions you store down there, thanks to water damage, mold, mildew and rot. It’s crucial to get quality rain gutters in order to protect your basement.
  • Animals and insects: You might love all of nature’s creatures, but you probably don’t want them chewing through your walls and roof to get inside your home. Without gutters, cascading water can soak into your roof and fascia, walls and foundation. Water softens the walls, roof and fascia, which make it easy for animals like squirrels, raccoons and mice to chew their way into your warm, dry interior. You are likely to spot them in your attic and basement, as well as hear them running through the walls. Pooling water outside is also a problem, as mosquitoes breed quickly in standing water.
  • Garden erosion: Finally, garden erosion is likely if you fail to install gutters. Those plants you’re so proud of won’t be able to take root and stay healthy. Excess running water sweeps nutrients away and sends the soil away from where it belongs. If you want a beautiful garden around your home, you need rain gutters to prevent soil erosion.

Your home will suffer a lot of costly and devastating damage when you fail to install rain gutters. Instead of spending thousands of dollars fixing problems, you can spend a fraction of that to get LeafGuard seamless gutters.

Don’t find out the hard way what you’ll need to repair without a gutter system in Long Island, NY. Call Long Island LeafGuard Gutter Co. today.