The Different Types of Gutter Materials

A gutter system is essential in protecting your property from top to bottom. Without proper gutters, your home is susceptible to leaks, siding damage, foundation flooding and even lawn damage. But what types of gutters are there, and how should you choose gutters for your house? Keep reading to find out:

  • Aluminum: Seamless aluminum is the most popular gutter material for residential properties. Strong and lightweight, these gutters can last for decades before they need to be replaced—just remember to clean them twice a year. Plus, they come in a ton of different colors to match your roof and siding perfectly.
  • Wood: Unless they’re being used for historic home restoration, you probably won’t see wood gutters around anymore. While they do get the job done of directing rainwater away from your home, they’re prone to rotting unless they’re well maintained. These gutters are also very expensive, starting at $15 per linear foot.
  • Copper: This is another gutter option often used for restorations, but copper is also popular for new builds. Copper gutters never rust or need painting, but they are on the higher end cost-wise. Keep in mind that they’ll eventually oxidize and turn green, but that provides a unique look for any home.
  • Steel: It’s tough to beat steel when it comes to durability. However, galvanized steel is prone to rust and needs to be painted inside and out every few years to protect it from the elements. You can upgrade to stainless steel for better protection. However, these gutters are more expensive than some other options.
  • Vinyl: One of the cheapest options on our list is vinyl. These gutters will never rust or corrode or lose their color. But heavy downpours and strong winds can cause the material to crack or buckle over time.

What material should I pick for my gutters?

Now that you know the answer to what types of gutters there are, it’s time to choose some for your home. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Roof material: Your gutters actually have a drastic impact on how your roof looks from the outside. Consider how all of the different materials will look once they’re attached to your roof. Remember you can always repaint your gutters if you don’t end up liking the look.
  • Siding color: You’ll want to choose gutters that work well with your home’s color. While some homeowners choose copper gutters to make their house stand out, you may want to go with a color and material that’ll blend in well with your siding.
  • Budget: Keep your budget in mind when shopping for new gutters. While you don’t want to spend a fortune, keep in mind that higher-quality materials like steel tend to last longer than a bargain material.

Let us install your gutters

Installing gutters can be a DIY chore, but trying to tackle it yourself can be a bit challenging and even lead to serious injuries. Instead of risking it, hire our pros at Long Island LeafGuard Gutter Company. Call today to get a quote for your new gutters or to get help with figuring out what material you should pick for your gutters.