How to Prepare Your Home and Gutters for Winter

While the cooler temperatures might feel like a relief after the heat and humidity of summer, don’t forget about preparing your home for the winter. The harsh weather during the colder months can take a toll on your home, leading to expensive repairs.

If you’re wondering how to protect your gutters through winter, then read on.


Having adequate insulation for your home will mean lower heating bills in the winter and lower cooling bills in the summer. In the attic, you should have a minimum of 12 inches of insulation. If the ceiling joists are visible, you typically need additional insulation.

Ensure that there’s no paper backing on the existing insulation, as adding new insulation over that could result in moisture problems. You may be able to install insulation yourself, and there are some options that don’t contain harmful chemicals with the potential to irritate your skin during installation.

Storm windows

This is another energy-efficiency issue. In preparing your home for winter, you want to make sure that the heat generated stays inside the home. By installing storm windows, you could increase your home’s energy efficiency by almost half.

Storm windows are placed outside of regular windows and offer another layer of protection against the cold, inclement weather. It does cost more up front to put in storm windows, but it also will save you money year in and year out on your energy bills.

Check for air leaks

Blocking small leaks is a minor project that could pay off big. Examine areas where leaks are most likely to occur, like around windows, doors and outlets. Use a sweep under doors to keep cold air from rushing in. Seal other spots around the windows through caulking the exterior or using weather stripping. This is a simple way to save money on your heating bills.

Wrapping pipes

This is along the same lines as putting in installation; however, there are more dire consequences if you fail to do this. Wrapping the pipes with insulation means that you’re saving energy and preventing a potential catastrophe. This reduces the likelihood that the pipes will freeze and burst. You’re also able to save money on heating bills by insulating your pipes. That’s because the water in the pipes will remain hotter without additional effort from the water heater.

Clean the gutters

Once the leaves are off the trees but before the cold has set in, you’ll want to clean your gutters. That’s because clogged gutters can be a huge problem during the winter, leading to ice dams that could easily damage your roof. Get a licensed contractor to come and clear out the gutters before the snow and ice start piling up, or better yet—invest in a gutter system that doesn’t clog in the first place!

We hope that we’ve answered the question of how winter affects gutters. Long Island LeafGuard Gutter Company specializes in pre-engineered, fully-integrated leaf filter and gutter systems. Our gutters come with a clog-free guarantee. Give us a call right now to learn more about our gutter installations.