Gutter System Information for New Homeowners

When you buy a new home, you might not realize just how important your rain gutters will be. If you want to protect your new investment, a great gutter system is crucial. Choose a qualified gutter supplier—like Long Island LeafGuard Gutter Company—to keep your home structurally sound and safe from water intrusion.

What should I know about gutters?

Rain gutters have existed for thousands of years. Earlier civilizations realized that excessive water around a building’s foundation can cause the foundation to shift and crack. It also causes indoor flooding, which can destroy homes.

Today, we still use rain gutters, although they look different than their medieval counterparts. Their primary purpose is to divert rainfall and snow runoff away from your walls and foundations. This protects your home from the costly effects of water intrusion: foundation damage, flooding, leaks and mold growth.

Modern gutter systems are made out of a variety of metals, but aluminum is the most common. Aluminum gutters are lightweight and flexible, making it easy to measure, cut and hang your gutter system.

Open gutters can become clogged with leaves, twigs and other debris. To avoid this issue, many homeowners choose a system with a built-in guard or screen. These help water pass into and through the gutters, rather than pooling up and overflowing at the clog site.

Choosing a new gutter system

When it’s time to choose your gutter system, results will vary depending on your gutter supplier. For example, LeafGuard gutters come with a built-in guard to keep debris out of your gutters. The guard is especially designed to allow water to flow into the gutters, while debris either collects on top of the guard or moves to the ground.

When you review your options, consider your home’s size and style. How much gutter material will you need? Are there any challenging architectural features, such as gables, dormers or valleys in the roof? Where does the most water run off? Call a gutter supplier for a quote—often, companies will send someone out to inspect your home and offer their professional opinion. Once you have a better idea of the size and potential challenges, you’ll be able to narrow down your selection as needed. For instance, copper gutters are beautiful, but most people are on an aluminum budget.

When you get a quote, find out which size the supplier recommends for your home. Most gutters come in either five- or six-inch widths. This will affect your downspout selection.

Finally, decide whether you’d like seamless or standard gutters. Seamless gutters offer a variety of benefits, including a lower likelihood of sagging and need for repairs. They’re custom-made and cut to your home’s exact dimensions. However, some people still prefer traditional gutters, especially when they’re on a tight budget.

Long Island LeafGuard Gutter Company makes and installs custom seamless gutters with our LeafGuard technology. For more information about pricing and services and to get a quote, call us today. Don’t forget to ask us about our clog-free guarantee!