How LeafGuard Gutters Work

The main job of all gutters is to carry water that enters them away from your home. However, LeafGuard gutters are more unique and designed more efficiently than any other gutter system out there today. LeafGuard gutters rely on liquid adhesion to work properly. This enables rainwater to travel around the hood and enter the gutter, thus diverting leaves and other debris from clogging them.

Gutters that Don’t Clog

What does LeafGuard do? They keep leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters. They differ from standard gutters.

LeafGuard gutters are more durable and stronger than other standard gutter systems that you can find on the market today. These gutters can also take up to 32 inches of rain each hour, which is three times the record rainfall to ever be recorded by the US Weather Bureau.

What are differences in gutter types? LeafGuard gutters differ from regular gutters in that they are made out of aluminum, which makes them much thicker than other gutters. Downspouts are also larger than other gutters.

Another great benefit of LeafGuard gutters is that they are guaranteed never to clog. This means that pine needles, fir needles, leaves, and other debris will remain outside your gutters. LeafGuard will make your life easier by removing the need to clean your gutters, thus reducing ladder-related injuries.

Reduces Damage to Your Home

Home-related accidents are normally associated with water damage. If your gutters are clogged, this can result in water damage to your fascia, roof, foundation, landscaping, and siding. LeafGuard consists of a clog-free design that reduces water damage to your home that can result from clogged gutters.

On the other hand, standard gutter systems are not the same. They are more susceptible to leaks, sag, and rust since they are multi-piece with seams. LeafGuard is equipped with a seamless design that contains no seams or gaps for water to seep through. They are also guaranteed not to sag or pull away.

Customized for Your Home

LeafGuard gutters are customized to fit your home and installed on-site by professionals. This means that they will be installed to match the exact specifications of your house. Most of the installations can be completed in just a day. Additionally, the installer will also take your old gutter off and discard it properly.

The best part about LeafGuard gutters is that they work on all types of roof pitches. LeafGuard gutters will also be installed away from your roof shingles, unlike standard gutters. This means that this reduces the chance of roof damage.

Scratch Resistant

LeafGuard gutters are also equipped with a painted finish that is scratch resistant. Unlike standard gutter systems, this means that your gutter will not crack, rot, rust, or peel. There is no need to stress about debris leaving dents or scratches that can take away from your home’s appeal. Additionally, the gutters are equipped with built-in color retention to help keep dirt off and make them more environment-friendly. Overall, they keep your gutters looking better for a longer period of time.