How Much Does It Cost To Clean Your Gutters?

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Your Gutters?

A gutter collects rainwater from a roof, downspout or other source and directs it away from the home or business. It is important to keep it free of leaves, twigs and other debris that can block the flow of water.

Gutter Cleaning Costs

Gutter cleaning costs vary depending on several factors. These include gutter length, home height, and the condition of the gutters. Costs also depend on a company’s location and local labor rates. If a gutter cleaning company has to travel a long way from its service area, it will charge more. Another factor that increases the gutter cleaning price is if there are trees or other obstacles blocking the access to your gutters. These obstructions will take more time to clean and may require the use of additional equipment, which can increase the cost. Generally, homeowners should have their gutters cleaned at least twice a year. Keeping up with regular maintenance can help to cut down on your overall costs.


Gutters need constant attention and maintenance to ensure that the water will flow smoothly and won’t pool on the surface of your roof or on the downspouts. It’s fairly straightforward to do the gutter cleaning yourself if you have the proper tools and are physically fit enough to climb a ladder safely. However, it’s important to use safety precautions such as long-sleeved shirts and thick gloves. You can also rent an extendable ladder that’s easier to transport and less likely to wobble under your weight. You can also invest in a gutter scoop that will allow you to remove leaves and other debris from your gutters quickly without creating a mess on your lawn.

Hiring A Professional

Our professional gutter cleaners here at Long Island LeafGuard Gutter Company are able to clean your gutters properly. We know exactly how to remove leaves and other debris in a way that does not damage the gutters or your home. And we are also able to repair any problems that may arise with your gutters, including leaking roofs and reattaching lost gutters. Let us help keep your gutters clean the first time around. Don’t wait, contact us today!