Hanging Holiday Lights on a LeafGuard Gutter

Man,in,gray,holding,christmas,lights,climbs,ladderThe holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to deck the halls, or in this case, your home! One of the most cherished traditions is hanging festive holiday lights to illuminate your house and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all to enjoy. However, if you’re the proud owner of LeafGuard gutters, you may be wondering if it’s safe and possible to hang holiday lights from them. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of LeafGuard gutters and provide you with some essential tips for hanging holiday lights on your LeafGuard gutters.

LeafGuard Gutter Benefits

Before we dive into the details of hanging lights on your LeafGuard gutters, it’s essential to understand the key benefits of this innovative gutter system. LeafGuard gutters feature a seamless one-piece design that is not only incredibly strong but also exceptionally durable. In fact, they are more robust than any other gutter system on the market. Thanks to their superior construction, you can rest assured that the added weight of holiday lights won’t pose any problems for your LeafGuard gutters.

These gutters are made from aluminum, boasting a thickness that is 20% greater than the industry standard. Additionally, the downspouts are 30% larger than those of their competitors. To further enhance their stability, LeafGuard gutters are supported every two feet, which is twice the industry standard. This level of robustness ensures that your gutters will provide reliable protection against even the harshest weather conditions.

LeafGuard gutters are compatible with all types of roofs and pitches. Unlike traditional gutter add-ons or covers, LeafGuard is mounted away from your roof shingles. This design not only protects your roof from any potential damage but also preserves any roof warranties you may have. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that hanging your holiday lights won’t lead to any issues with your roof.

One of the standout features of LeafGuard gutters is their unique, patented one-piece debris-shedding design, which outperforms any other gutter system. This design relies on the scientific principle of liquid adhesion, allowing rainwater to flow into the gutter while deflecting leaves and other debris. As a result, your gutters remain free from clogs, ensuring efficient water drainage.

Light Clip Options for Your Gutters

Now that you’re aware of the impressive benefits of LeafGuard gutters, let’s explore the various options for hanging holiday lights from them. When it comes to clips for gutters, plastic clips are highly recommended. These clips are designed not to scratch the finish of your gutters, ensuring you don’t void your warranty. There are a few different types of clips to choose from, depending on your preference and the type of holiday lights you’re using.

  • S Clips: These clips can be easily hung off the crimped edge of the gutter, allowing you to create a beautiful, swagged look. S clips work well for both mini lights and C7 or C9 bulb strands.
  • Plastic Clips with Top Piece: These clips slide over the front of the crimp and into the trough of the gutter system. Some of them come with a top piece where you can insert the bulb portion of the light. This provides a more uniform and upright appearance. Similar to S clips, these can be used for mini lights, C7 or C9 bulb strands.
  • Icicle Clips: If you prefer icicle-style lights, S-style clips are ideal for single-strand icicle lights, making hanging them a breeze. For looped-style icicle lights, you can also use the clips mentioned earlier. However, clips that secure to both sides of the crimped edge tend to offer a more secure hold, as S clips may slide more easily.

These clips are readily available at your local hardware or home improvement store, and you can also order them from online retailers. Rest assured, finding plastic clips that are compatible with your LeafGuard system is a straightforward process.

Key Points for Hanging Lights

Now that you know which clips to use, here are some essential tips to ensure a safe and successful holiday light display on your LeafGuard gutters:

  • Use plastic light clips or hangers: Plastic clips are the best choice to avoid scratching the finish of your gutters and voiding your warranty.
  • Hang your usual number of lights from the gutter: LeafGuard’s gutter brackets are strong enough to handle the extra weight of holiday light strands.
  • Use electrical tape on open sockets of the light strands: This helps protect them from the elements and ensures your lights continue to shine brightly.
  • Hang lights with the male socket end closest to the outlet or extension cord: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how many strings of lights can be connected, and don’t exceed that number to avoid overloading the circuits.
  • Be cautious when climbing a ladder: Ensure the ladder is placed on a level surface and have someone hold it while you are on it to prevent accidents.

Remember not to:

  • Hang lights from the gutter’s top portion (hood): Doing so can interfere with the proper functioning of your gutters.
  • Hide the wires inside the gutter: This can lead to clogging issues and obstruct the flow of rainwater.
  • Use metal hangers: Using metal hangers may void your warranty on the finish of your gutters.
  • Use tape to keep the hangers in place: This, too, can void the warranty on your gutters’ finish.


You can absolutely hang your holiday lights on your LeafGuard gutters with confidence. The impressive strength and durability of LeafGuard gutter systems ensure that your gutters can safely support the weight of festive lights. By following these essential tips and using plastic clips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a stunning holiday light display that not only enhances your home’s beauty but also showcases the quality of your LeafGuard gutters!

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