What Should I Look for in Gutters?

It’s hard to overstate the importance of getting quality rain gutters—not only are they an important part of your home’s drainage system, but investing in good gutters will reduce the amount of maintenance and repairs you’ll need to do over the coming years. Getting custom gutters in Bay Shore, NY is always a great option, especially when you get them from Long Island LeafGuard Gutter Company. Our gutters are designed to block dirt, debris and leaves from clogging up your drainage system. No matter which gutters you choose, however, there are a few things to look for.

Gutter materials

Choosing the right material is important. The vast majority of gutters (including LeafGuard gutters) are made out of aluminum, which is sturdy, durable, corrosion-resistant and available in a number of different colors. Plus, it’s cost effective—aluminum is often the least expensive option.

You can also find gutters in other materials. Some, like vinyl, are not as durable as most homeowners prefer. Vinyl tends to degrade with sunlight exposure, and therefore must be replaced more often than other materials.

If you’re not sold on aluminum, metals like galvanized steel, steel, zinc and copper are available. Galvanized steel is durable, but it can rust, whereas steel doesn’t rust, but is more expensive than other options. Similarly, zinc is quite durable and corrosion resistant. Finally, copper is a strikingly beautiful gutter material, but you can expect to pay a lot more for it.

Gutter designs

Believe it or not, gutters are available in a number of different style varieties. Here’s a closer look at four design options:

  • European style: These gutters are often made with material that weathers naturally (like copper and other metals that form patinas), in a half-round shape.
  • Fascia: These gutters have a smooth face that hide edges of the rafter tails from view, much like actual fascia boards.
  • Half-round: This gutter style is one of the least practical—the open side faces the roof, which means they clog and overflow easily. Keep in mind that European-style gutters have this design, so you may want to avoid that even if you choose copper gutters.
  • K-style: K-style gutters are the most popular version. You might see them referred to as “ogee gutters.” Their shape is similar to that of crown molding.

Gutter shields

Finally, you should consider adding gutter shields to your rain gutters. Alternatively, if you opt for LeafGuard gutters, the shield is built right in. Gutter shields and screens are designed to keep debris out of your rain gutters and downspouts. This prevents clogging and overflow. As you may know, gutters exist to divert water away from your walls and foundation. Clogs can defeat the purpose and cause serious structural damage.

If you choose LeafGuard gutters, you’ll love the seamless construction (less prone to leaks and sagging) as well as the built-in shields that deflect debris. You’ll never have to clean your gutters again. Plus, we’ll measure your home and custom-fit the gutters to its exact dimensions.

To learn more about getting custom gutters in Bay Shore, NY, call Long Island LeafGuard Gutter Company today.