The Advantages of Choosing LeafGuard Gutters vs. Traditional Gutters

Gutters are very important when it comes to protecting your foundation, siding and roof, and it’s important to select a gutter system that will offer the best protection possible. With so many different types of gutter systems and materials to choose from, it can be difficult for homeowners to find the best option for their needs. If you’re in the process of choosing new gutters, make sure to consider the advantages of a LeafGuard gutter system vs. traditional gutters in Long Island, NY.

Traditional gutter basics

Traditional gutter systems are made up of several precut pieces that are fit together around a home’s roof. Because traditional gutter systems are made up of several pieces, they have seams that can be susceptible to leaks. Traditional gutters can be made from steel, vinyl, aluminum or copper. The type of material that’s best for a gutter system depends on a variety of factors, including precipitation levels and your budget for gutter installation.

LeafGuard gutter basics

Unlike traditional gutters, LeafGuard gutters in Long Island, NY are made of one continuous piece without joints and with very few seams. LeafGuard gutters have seams only at the corners and where downspouts are installed, making them much stronger and more durable than traditional gutters. LeafGuard gutters are formed and cut to fit the exact dimensions of a home to provide the best protection possible against leaks, sagging and other common gutter problems. Like traditional gutters, LeafGuard gutters can be manufactured from a variety of materials.

LeafGuard gutters vs. traditional gutters

If you’re trying to decide which type of gutter system is right for your home, consider a few of the advantages of LeafGuard gutters vs. traditional gutters in Long Island, NY:

  • Longevity: LeafGuard gutters are more durable and longer lasting than traditional gutters. Because LeafGuard gutters aren’t as susceptible to damage, as they don’t have as many weak points, these gutters often last longer than traditional gutters and run into fewer problems over time.
  • Cost: One of the main factors homeowners consider when choosing gutters is their price. LeafGuard gutters are usually more expensive than traditional gutters upfront, but the cost is often offset in the long run. Because LeafGuard gutters last longer than traditional gutters and they add more value to homes, installing a LeafGuard gutter system is often the most economical option.
  • Maintenance: Another major difference between LeafGuard gutters and traditional gutters is that LeafGuard gutters are much easier to maintain. Because LeafGuard gutters don’t have as many weak points as traditional gutters, debris is less likely to get caught and accumulate in the gutter system. This makes it easier to keep gutters clean and minimize damage over time.

Get LeafGuard gutters in Long Island, NY

If you are interested in investing in LeafGuard gutters, reach out to Long Island LeafGuard Gutter Company. We specialize in customized, pre-engineered gutter systems that are designed to offer the best benefits possible to homeowners who are looking for new gutter systems. In addition to our LeafGuard gutter systems, we also offer gutter toppers to keep gutters free of debris and simplify gutter maintenance. Call us today to find out more about our products and services!