How To Keep Squirrels Out of Your Gutters

The gutters of your home are very important as they help to ensure that water and debris are able to wash off your roof in a controlled fashion. Ultimately, your gutters can’t help to protect your roof and entire property. While gutters can last for a long time when properly cared for, they are at risk of being infiltrated by squirrels and other pests that could try and make a home. As this could cause damage, it is important that you keep squirrels out of your gutters. There are various tips that you can follow that can help with this.

Keep Trees Trimmed and Away From Roof

For those wondering how to keep squirrels out my gutters, the first step is to keep your trees trimmed and away from the roof of your home. Most squirrels that get onto your roof will do so by jumping from a nearby tree. Due to this, it is very important that you keep the large branches trim and do not allow them to hang over your roof. Not only will this prevent a jumping point, but it will also help to cut down on the leaves and branches that can accumulate on a roof.

Get a Leaf or Gutter Guard System

Another option that can help you keep squirrels out of your gutters is by investing in a LeafGuard gutter system.  For those wondering how LeafGuard can help keep squirrels out of gutters, the system works well to protect access points. The gutter guards are designed to put a layer of mesh material over the gutters. This material is hard for an animal to scratch through. The guards are full of small holes allowing water and small pieces of dirt to pass through while keeping squirrels, birds, and other pests out.

Check Downspouts

While it is important to keep the tops of the gutters clear, you should also think about your downspouts. The downspouts hang off the roof and will help keep the water out of your roof and bring it down to your standard drainage system. However, these can also provide an access point to your gutters. By placing a guard or barrier over the entry point, you can keep squirrels out of the gutters.

As you are looking to protect your home, keeping your gutters clear of squirrels and other pests is very important. While it may seem like a challenge, there are ways that you can do this to help protect your gutters and the entire home. These tips can help you keep squirrels out of your gutters and off your roof.