What to Consider When Purchasing a New Gutter System

Rain gutters have been around for centuries, and still serve the same basic purpose: to capture rainwater or melting snow, and safely divert the water away from your siding and foundation. This prevents water damage to your home or business. Although the purpose remains the same, the design has changed over the years. Today, seamless, covered rain gutters are the most efficient, clog-free system available.

How do you know which rain gutters are right for you? Read on to learn what you need to know about purchasing a new gutter system in Long Island, NY:

  • Home size: How large is your home? This is the main factor in determining how many feet of gutters you’ll need to install, and where. Since gutter systems are often priced by length, you’ll have a better idea of your cost if you know how many feet you’ll need to install.
  • Special requirements: Length isn’t the only factor in cost. Some homes have special features or requirements that can affect the gutter system placement. For example, dormers, gables and roof slope can affect how water collects and runs down the roof. You might also have “valleys” where excessive amounts of water collect and run off. Some homeowners are very concerned about color, while others have large trees planted near their homes that are likely to drop leaves into the gutters. All of these considerations will affect the type, size and configuration.
  • Gutter size: Generally, residential gutter systems come in five-inch and six-inch sizes, and are made from galvanized steel, copper or aluminum. You may need larger sizes for areas particularly prone to heavy rainfall.
  • Traditional or seamless gutters: Your next decision is whether to get traditional gutters with seams, or seamless gutters. Traditional gutters will get the job done, but the seams make it far more likely that you’ll experience leaks, cracks and sagging near the seams and joints. That means you’ll need to replace or repair your gutters more often than you would if you purchased seamless gutters—like the kind LeafGuard offers. Seamless gutters are also more attractive, and are custom-made for your home’s exact dimensions. This can improve your home’s appearance and overall value, and you won’t spend a lot of money on extra materials.
  • Clog prevention: Finally, you’ll need to think about clog prevention. If you have open gutters, it’s easy for leaves, pine needles and other debris to get into your rain gutters. That can lead to clogs. Clogs cause your gutters to overflow, which can send the water onto your walls and foundation. LeafGuard gutters, on the other hand, come with a specially-designed hood that prevents debris from getting in. You’ll never have to scrape moldy leaves and other debris out of your gutters—or pay someone to do it—ever again.

All things considered, LeafGuard seamless gutters are the clear choice. If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing a new gutter system in Long Island, NY, reach out to Long Island LeafGuard Gutter Company today to learn more about our products.